Ibones (glacial lakes)

The Pyrenees lakes that speak of the glacial origin of the natural environment where they are located are dotted across the North of the province of Huesca.

More than one hundred ibones (glacial lakes) with crystalline water reflecting the high peaks are a treat to the senses for anyone arriving at their banks. The Pyrenees valleys hide these small natural treasures which, like mirrors, reflect the stunning views.

To name them all would involve giving a long list to remember how the glaciers covered the Northernmost area of Huesca. Some of the most popular lakes among visitors are Basa de la Mora, Ibones Azules or Lagos del Infierno, Acherito, Bachimaña, Anayet and Estañés.

Excursions up between the mountains of the Pyrenees are a chance to discover many other paradises in the form of ibones

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