Sobrarbe Carnival

A party for excess and forbidden things. The costumes and masks of carnivals conceal one’s identity for a few hours to enable participants to free themselves from inhibitions. The Carnival is judged by all the evils of the previous year with all kinds of judgements.

In El Sobrarbe, the festival preserves a magical spirit, with thousand-year-old characters who re-emerge every year to relive old traditions.

Undoubtedly the most “complete” of these carnival celebrations is that of Bielsa. It has conserved the greatest number of characters, which include the trangas, the madamas, the onso or Cornelio, who will be judged. The ritual is repeated every year, with the dances and the final judgement.

In Chistau Valley, the festivities extend through several weekends, sharing this magical party among the inhabitants of the different towns in the valley. The muyén is a straw doll which is paraded along all the avenues and which is later judged.

In La Fueva Valley, the only itinerant carnival has a long day ahead. Accompanied by music, the festive atmosphere goes from village to village with costumes and masks.

In Torla, the Carnabal figure, which shall be accused of all the village ills, is no straw doll. A village neighbour tours the houses, in chains, until the time of the judgement in the village square.

In Nerín, the carnival straw doll is called Carnuz and also awaits his sentence after judgement by the village. 

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