Pyrinees, spaces and nature parks
Mountains set in infinite landscapes of white and green. One National Park and three Nature Parks are the passport to a magical world with the greatest number of animal species in the world.  more info »
Ski, snowboard and other snow sports
A white mantle 325 kilometres long to cross. On a board, on skis, on a sledge or on rackets. Five alpine ski stations and eight cross-country ski stations in addition to the ice rink at Jaca.  more info »
Adventure sports
Choose your own adventure and live an unforgettable and magical experience. Canyoning, rafting, paragliding, gliding, mountaineering, all terrain cycling, skiing... Adrenaline and pleasure in the... more info »
Landscapes, routes and walking
Long and short distance walks joining places and visions. A chance to experience unique emotions and share the magic of the Spanish region with the greatest lengths of marked trails.  more info »
Animals, flora and lookout points
Magical visions that allow us to breathe the greatness of the natural spaces near a flora and fauna in its habitat. Enjoy a miniature continent.  more info »
Cyclotourism-All Terrain Cycling
Huesca on two wheels, passionately or calmly. Enjoying the landscape from a different point of view.  Sports, competition, leisure or transport.  The magic of Huesca along quiet roads, paths and... more info »
A look upwards... and a vertical wall that challenges us. The Mallos de Riglos is the favourite destination; but it is not the only one, as the Pyrenees await to be conquered by climbers.  This adventure sport provides adrenaline kicks and unique experiences aplenty.... more info »
Other: golf, fishing, horse-riding, other winter sports
The sports options are as many as you are able to imagine. Horse riding, ice skating, dry canyoning... Live the magic as and when you like.  ) more info »

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