Wine Tourism
Colours, flavours, aromas... The world of wine wraps the landscapes, villages, vineyards and cellars with its magic. Old secrets live with spaces full of modernity in the Denomination of Origin Somontano and Vinos de la Tierra. Discover them! more info »
Food events and fairs
The pleasure of a good meal wraps all our senses. In the course of the four seasons, the vegetables, cheeses, cured meats, mushrooms, game... are all shown at fairs and competitions nearby. Savour the magic of Huesca in its traditional and modern cuisine.  more info »
Huesca cuisine
The memory Huesca leaves on your mind starts with the palate. Discover Huesca's traditional cuisine: Aragón suckling lamb with potatoes, chicken al chilindrón (in a tomato and pepper sauce), wood-roasted meat, wild mushrooms... An unforgettable trip cannot ignore the... more info »

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