Open the door of a museum in Huesca and be prepared for any style to twinkle before your eyes. Take in small doses of history and magical traditions at the visitor centres across the province. 


Huesca Diocese Museum

The Huesca Diocese Museum exhibits representative Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance-Baroque works, inviting its visitors to relive the Middle Ages in their religious facet, so present in the daily life of the time. Huesca Cathedral leads on to... Read more »

Huesca Provincial Museum

Huesca Provincial Museum houses a large exhibition of archaeological pieces recovered from across the province as well as art collection that includes an important collection of Gothic paintings, Goya lithographs and the work of Ramón Acín. The... Read more »

Museum of Pedagogy of Aragón

The recreation of the classrooms, with school material hidden in our memories, will come back to our minds after visiting this interesting centre.  But the museum is not just an inventory of educational elements from the past.  Its permanent... Read more »

Oficina de Información de Santa Cilia de Panzano

Oficina de Información de Santa Cilia de Panzano Read more »

Centro de Interpretación de Arguis

Centro de Interpretación de Arguis Read more »

Centro de Interpretación de Bierge

Centro de Interpretación de Bierge Read more »

Pyrenees Space, Graus

The mountains, their diversity and their people are reflected in this visitor centre which summarises the unforgettable experience for those visiting the Pyrenees. The space is housed in the renovated church of Compañía de Graus. Entertainment... Read more »

Pyrenean Glacier Monuments Visitor Centre

In Eriste, in the Nature Park of Posets-Maladeta, you can find out about their location, formation and morphology in the visitor centre, before starting the route towards the depleted glaciers. The old schools of Eriste now house the Visitor... Read more »

Renaissance Visitor Centre, in Fonz

The visitor centre sheds light on this architectural style which characterises the historical centre of this town. The town hall, the old summer seat of the bishop of Lérida, houses this centre, where the magic of the 16th century leads us to... Read more »

Civil War Visitor Centre in Robres

In Robres, in addition to the permanent exhibition and the temporary exhibitions about specific aspects of the war, there are several routes where visitors can discover the war sites in the field.  A bunker and routes between trenches take... Read more »

Offers in Museums

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