Castles, museums, churches and other monuments
Huesca is a journey through history. Castles, churches, monasteries, prehistoric caves... weaved together by fascinating events. Choose your own adventure and enjoy the magic.  more info »
Cultural Routes
The Way of St. James enters Spain from France at Huesca. Other proposals brimming with magic: enter the world of dinosaurs; come and experience the art of Prehistoric man.  more info »
Festivities, traditions and events
Festivities, ancestral traditions relived year after year. Mythical creatures in Carnival, the traditional costume of Ansó, the Morisma in Aínsa, the First Friday of May in Jaca, pilgrimages like that of Saint Orosia in Yebra or the Corpus Christi flower carpets in... more info »
Religious tourism
The Way of St. James is only the beginning; linked to this route, there is the route of the espéculas. Mozarabic art in the churches of Serrablo; and the Marian route, with the sanctuary of Torreciudad as the main attraction.  Discovering the places of religious worship... more info »

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